Global automotive companies show an increasing preference for comprehensive design and engineering solutions over piecemeal approaches and fragmented design supply chains. Such holistic design solutions help them come to terms with rising labor costs, thinning margins, shrinking product cycles and increasing in-vehicle complexities.
At EmFocus, we understand this more than anyone else. We offer custom, full software development life cycle services.

Focus areas in automotive electronics
    •      Embedded Electronics Controls
    •      Modeling & Simulation
    •      Telematics
Areas of expertise
•      Body and Chassis Electronics
•      Engine and Power Train Controls
•      Safety and Security
•      Transmission Controls
•      Electronic Steering
•      Antilock Braking Systems
•      Clusters and Instrumentation Panels
•      Network Interfaces (CAN, J 1850, RS 232, IEEE 1394, RS 232, RS 422, LIN)
•      Gateway Interfaces (CAN-TCP/ IP, CAN-USB, CAN-RS 232)
•      Telematics
•      Multimedia Systems
•      Navigation Systems