Emfocus has extensive experience with DSP platforms and provides complete solutions from concept to prototype development including hardware design, firmware develop-ment & application integration in the areas of audio, video / imaging & communications, and a portfolio of OEM-ready solutions

DSP Services

  1. Algorithm design and development.
  2. Selection of DSP processor best suited for the application.
  3. Processor specific optimization of software.
  4. Porting and preparing board support packages for RTOS on DSP
  5. Porting applications from legacy platforms to DSP with performance optimization
  6. Developing board level systems and firmware solutions on DSP.

DSP Hardware and Software Development Services

Our spectrum of services have enabled us to develope multi-layer boards with processor speeds up to 600MHz and support for different I/O interfaces. 

The off-the-shelf hardware and software modules available at Emfocus library can be easily customized to suit the target application.

System Integration & Optimization Services

These services include comprehensive system architecture review, hardware development and customization, integration of third party IPs, firmware integration,application development and porting & migrating applications across platforms to enhance features and performance.

Customer Benefits

Strong domain knowledge in Communications and Multimedia technologies. Application specific reference designs in Security and A / V Streaming.

Extensive experience on A/V standards such as H.26x, MPEG, WMA/ WMV, G.72x Premier TI Partner - Expertise on C6000 & DM64x Platforms and OEM- ready solutions Entire product realization services - Reduced time to market.