EmFocus can offer services in the area of Motion Controls for various Domains such as Material Handling, Factory Automation, Automotive, Medical, Appliance, Semiconductor and Robotics. We have expertise to develop drive electronic to support various Motors such as DC Motor, Asynchronous Induction Motors (ACIM), Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) / Blushless DC Motors, Permanent Magnet DC Motors, Switched reluctance Motors of various ratings. The technology platform for the Speed Control of the Motors include. The drive can be configured in .
• V/f Control of AC Induction Motors (ACIM)
• Sensorless Vector Control for ACIM
• DC Motor Control (Separately excited field)
• Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motor Control
• Brushless DC / AC Servo Control
• Stepper Motor Control Systems
We also have capabilities to develop position control systems and for various applications and can integrate the custom specific applications in the drive. We can take up specific custom specific features to be incorporated in the drive / Motion Controller.