Full-Cycle Electronic Product Development

Emfocus helps its clients implement their promising ideas in real products and devices. We offer a full range of services for fast development of an electronics solution, from the concept to the samples delivered from production factories.

We apply the latest methodologies to development of electronic devices.

Development Process

Each project is coordinated by an executive project manager, responsible for the requirements analysis and overall project progress.

Performance Control

We provide our clients with access to the Emfocus web site client area, where means for project performance control can be found. Thus, one can view the task list, allocated resources and progress at any time. We also have weekly meetings, where we settle different issues with our clients and sum up the results of the week's work.

Hardware Platform Selection and Development

We help our clients to select the appropriate hardware platform for their device that best suits their needs and requirements. It can be either new equipment, developed using the electronic components from the world's industry leaders, or an existing hardware solution. With the help of our hardware engineers, you will be able to design a modern mobile device of any kind.

OS Porting and Adaptation

If a device uses an operating system, Emfocus specialists will adapt it for a new hardware platform. If required, we will develop and adapt a bootloader and device drivers (e.g. for USB, LCD or Ethernet).

Software Development

A highly qualified team of experienced embedded software development professionals will port existing or develop on-demand software for microprocessors, digital signal processors (DSP), microcontrollers (MCU) and systems-on-chip (SoC).


Our specialists can integrate third-party solutions into a new embedded platform without impairing scalability. We apply open and widely used standards in our development, which significantly simplifies integration with third-party products.