System Design

EMFOCUS's Product & System design group has full turnkey hardware design capability.

We provide projects up to 10 layers of Printed Circuit board density and complexity with a large number of close to 1500-pin BGA packages.

The EMFOCUS’s engineering team is very familiar with memory technologies and routing constraints with high-speedFront side bus, QDR, DDR / DDR II, SDRAM memories, and complex network interfaces up to OC-192.

Our experience speaks for itself—on an average, in a calendar year EMFOCUS handles 35 to 40 boards with varying complexities.

Our Design centers and experienced designers can provide the following services
  1. Systems Architecture.
  2. Engineering Specification.
  3. FPGA, ASIC and ASSP requirements definition.
  4. Firmware, Device Driver, RTOS integration.
  5. Proven Board Design flow - Schematics to PCB.
  6. In-house PCB design - DFM/DFT, Cost sensitiveness.
  7. Experience in high-speed board design, Signal integrity, EMI.
  8. Agency certification.
  9. System level definition - Mechanical, Power Supplies, Cabling.
  10. Program management.

EMFOCUS's system design focuses on three main market segments
  1. Network Systems
  2. Embedded & Computer Systems.
  3. High-End Consumer Digital Media Appliances.

DSP Hardware and Software Development Services

Our spectrum of services have enabled us to develope multi-layer boards with processor speeds up to 600MHz and support for different I/O interfaces.

The off-the-shelf hardware and software modules available at EMFOCUS library can be easily customized to suit the target application.